DOV is a leading visualisation studio using state-of-the-art real time technology to bring projects to life like never before. We want to drive the creativeness of humanity beyond reality and accelerate the planet towards a greener, sustainable future using the technologies we have today.




Fashion / Retail

Showcase and creatively test your designs on a level not possible before using our real time technology. We work across a broad spectrum of retail from shopfitting, in-store activations, virtual show rooms, creative rollouts to seasonal displays. At the press of a button see your creative decisions evolve by showing options for finishes, colourways and lighting leading you to the right design.

Events / Virtual Events

Working with designers and producers, we can tell your story the way you want it told: flythrough videos, experiential animations, still renders, VR or interactive apps. We collaborate with lighting designers, fashion and events agencies to rapidly delivering realistic visuals leading to strong and quick decision making from the client.


Using VR and AR/XR technology, we are able to design and build creative tactile immersive interactions in as part of your experience. From XR spray painting competitions, web-based AR camera filters to live event visuals. Let your imagination reach never seen heights and bring your audience to new places.

Architectural Visualisation

Real time technology allows us to rapidly visualise your new projects or create digital twins of existing buildings for development, showcasing and archival. As well as producing stunning videos and still renders, we can develop VR/AR/XR applications allowing you to explore, interact and exhibit your designs like never before. We can build from your existing drawings or laser scan or use your own 3D files whether from Revit, Rhino, 3DSMax, Sketchup, Formup or many more.